Team Courage

About Us

Team Courage is a Kenyan organization using innovative and bold approaches to catalyze public interest and action to ensure public transparency and accountability, defeat of the culture of impunity and the rampant abuse of human rights in Kenya.

Team Courage is founded and steered by young, bold and innovative Kenyans with a strong profile in change making, activism and public organizing.

Team Courage is a central player in the emergence of new forms of public engagement, organizing and protest for good governance, justice and human rights in Kenya founded on the firm conviction that young Kenyans have a lot to offer in respect to securing Kenya’s future by ridding it of the entrenched governance failures of today.

Team Courage brings a unique perspective to public education and mobilization by demystifying the language and possibility of citizen’s power to act.

Team Courage website plans to provide not just a platform that encourages us to reflect on our past as a nation, the issues we have struggled with and the actors that have shaped Kenya as we know it but also a platform to organize citizen action. Our website will provide the necessary tools and resources to support active citizens plan and take direct action to bring about change.

The website features a collection of Kenyan heroes and their profiles, stories of resistance from our past that shows true courage amongst the Kenyan people as well as a platform to submit such stories from the Kenyan public. Team Courage will also provide opportunities to volunteer in positive initiatives, training in activism and organizing and above all an opportunity to be part of a collective working to bring about change in Kenya.

Our Mission

Team Courage will work to enable a patriotic citizens’ movement to take bold and effective actions in building a new Kenya. We are the change we have been waiting for.

Our Aim

The #TEAMCOURAGE project was started with an aim to instill a sense of hope and self-belief in a generation of young changemakers .

Our Vision

A united youth empowered to inspire social and political change.

  • Provide a rallying call for youth engagement in public affairs.
  • Inspire youth participation in the defense of democracy.
  • Initiate a conversation about contemporary politics.
  • Celebrate Kenya’s spirit of resistance and suffering for the greater good.
  • Unite Kenyans and rally them to a common cause.
  • Breathe life into the implementation of our progressive Constitution as an inspirational outcome.
  • Glorify patriotism, nationhood, nation-building.
    Celebrate our diversity.