George Moseti Anyona

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George Moseti Anyona was a hero of the second liberation most famous for his courage, independence and intellect. Born in 1945, he first joined Parliament in 1974 as the MP for Kitutu Masaba.

As a young legislator, he showed fierce independent thinking, earning a place in the clique of backbenchers called derisively as “The Seven Bearded Sisters” by the then Attorney General Charles Njonjo.

After 1975, as more of his colleagues were jailed for their dissent, Anyona increasingly found himself isolated. He was eventually arrested and detained in 1977 and released in 1978, after the death of Jomo Kenyatta, only to be locked up by his successor, Daniel arap Moi, in the aftermath of the abortive 1982 coup.

After his release in 1984, he chose a private life away from politics.  But the lure of politics beckoned again in 1992, when he emerged from his third stint in prison for sedition and treason, to launch the Kenya Social Congress that he hoped to use to get to State House.

He performed dismally; however, he won a parliamentary seat – the only member of his party in Parliament.

Anyona died in a car crash in 2003, after having helped steer Kenya through to multiparty politics.