Kung’u Karumba

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In a windswept village along the Nyeri-Nyahururu Road lies Gwa Kung’u village. The village is named after the legendary Mau Mau freedom fighter, Kung’u Karumba.

His story is as sad as it is intriguing; the man who fought for his country’s freedom, and who was jailed alongside Jomo Kenyatta in Kapenguria, disappeared without a trace.

Karumba went into business soon after Kenya gained independence and operated a fleet of buses. He was bitter with Kenyatta over his shabby treatment of Mau Mau freedom fighters, while expatriates and settlers were retained in the country.

Karumba’s final fall-out with Kenyatta was reportedly over some compensation paid by the British government to Kapenguria Six, but one of the politicians kept the whole loot.

In June 1974, Karumba went on a business trip to Uganda where he hoped to collect a longstanding debt of Sh56, 000 owed by some senior Ugandan soldiers he had supplied with posho. He never returned from the trip, amidst speculation that he was killed and his body secretly buried.

Over the past 40 years, there have been no leads on the matter and the case is considered closed.